Thursday, October 30, 2008


Greetings from Beijing! I never thought I would find myself here again so soon, but girls can make you do all sorts of strange things. Bei met me at the airport and as soon as I saw her, my heart just melted. It was the nicest reception I ever had. She's awesome!

Anyway, Beijing is the same, yet not the same. All the gates, roads, restaurants, etc. that were closed during the Olympics are now open again. The air smells like China, there is more traffic on the roads, everything is back to normal... and I love it! This whole place had taken on a sort of Disneyland like feeling during the Olympics. Today was a gorgeous, blue sky, fall day in Beijing. I ate 茶鸡蛋 (cha ji dan, or eggs cooked in tea. Sounds gross, but they are delicious) for breakfast and drank instant coffee. Mmmmmm!

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