Friday, November 7, 2008


The Olympic park, for all its stark beauty, dramatic shapes, and post-modern contours, is basically deserted. I'm told that the bird's nest will become a mall, and eventually shops will move into the buildings along the promenade, but for now, it is eerily empty. There is a subway stop quite close to my place (奥林皮克公园) so I decided to investigate the convenience of taking the subway home. I was greeted with a big surprise: an empty train! For anyone who has never taken the subway in Beijing, you get used to squeezing in with a shitload of people, at virtually ever hour of the day. So it was quite odd to switch to the Olympic park line and find myself sharing an entire train with two other dudes. Shortly before I took this shot, one of the other guys was also getting a photo, in appreciation of the weirdness of it:

A random building outside Bei's house. A street scene in Beijing. Note the cluster of guys playing Chinese checkers:

I love this one. We were in a really cool little bar in the Hutong, the old part of Beijing. Really good German beer on tap. Cute couple, eh?

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